Make School Different.

A good bumper sticker for a great cause!
All profits go to charity!

starIn Seth Godin's recent book Stop Stealing Dreams he talks about two bumper stickers:

“The first one is sad, selfish, and infuriating. I often see it on late-model, expensive cars near my town. It says, ‘Cut School Taxes.’ These drivers/voters/taxpayers have given up on the schools, or they have kids who have graduated, and/or they’re being selfish. None of these points of view fill me with optimism about our future. The other bumper sticker is the one I never see. It says, ‘Make School Different.’”

Let’s take a stand and make school different!

Inspired by Seth, we created the "Make School Different" bumper sticker that you see above. Use this sticker to make a long term impact and open a dialogue around our education system. All profits go directly to charity so your purchase makes an immediate difference in the lives of students. Let's work together so all kids can have a great education.

- Phil Sharp